Fun, Learn, Do, Teach & Boat Shares
Safety makes any activity fun. Our primary activity is education. We use a “Learn, Do, Teach” for every skill. We use “
Teaching another person is an effective way to learn. If you have figured out a skill enough to teach someone else, you have figured it out for yourself. Even if you are a master at a skill, you should accept requests to be the student for another person just learning. We use a checklist approach so you can learn, do or teach anything in any order. Have experienced people present during scuba, sailing or other activities that need experienced people for safety.
2:1 is typically how “net” profit is split on a fishing boat or pirate ship and at the Atlanta Volunteers Clubhouse. We want you to create small businesses such as selling a hot dog at a party, giving a swimming lesson, renting a paddle boat, creating access to Lake Lanier or making something larger. Just speak to Alan Kindree to get approval and how to create volunteer coupons or epiphanies for it.
The Clubhouse is only open to founding members and a very limited amount of guests as the site is under construction. The property will not be open to general membership until basic property repairs, maintenance and improvements are made. Crashes by vehicles have damaged the gate and the workshop. The dock and walkway to the dock, sailboat, pontoon boat and swimming pool are top priorities for founding members to earn sweat equity shares.