Choose a side!

Sailor or Pirate

Please login at and under your name, go to “my account” ->Community Rewards->Search for and choose “FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS INC”. Write down the 5 digit control code and you can use that to access the password page to redeem your 50 game points. (available in the greater Atlanta area only)

SailorFree to register & get 50 Kroger Game Points as our thank-you! Use a real profile and be honest, ethical, moral, rely on skill, knowledge and hard work to get ahead.  Earn rank based on live events, competitions and certifications for Red Cross lifeguarding, CPR, NAUI Scuba, USCG knowledge and sailing ability.  Use your game points to support your favorite charity or cause.

Sailor $5 – You get 50 game points ($12.50 value) if you do not have a Kroger Rewards card.

Sailor Coupon – Enter your coupon and get 50 game points

PirateUse a fake profile, lie, cheat, steal, bribe judges and use dirty tricks to rob sailors and other pirates of their booty.  Landlubbers pay $12.50 for 50 game points, but you can buy these “hot” 50 game points from a pirate and register for just $5.

Sailor – $5 (Free if you sign in with Kroger)Pirate – $5 or bribe a “galley wench” to get a free coupon
1 Real Profile (certifications, qualifications)Use fake profiles  (betting, bribing, catfishing, sharking)
SafeDanger, but we dare you to try anyway
ApprovedNot approved and the tag was torn off
G rated (no smoking, cussing, horseplay etc.)Rated as a health hazard and toxic waste
Family Friendly18+, this is also the minimum IQ needed to play
TruthLies, but don’t take our word for it
Fines for acting like a piratePunishment for doing a honest days work
Competitions, Challenges, Hard WorkCuss at people trying to wake you up
Video with talent, location and other releasesVideo without talent, location and other releases
Video that can be freely releasedVideo with conditions such as extortion
A person with qualificationsA person who said so
Everything is OKSum Ting Wong
Sailors register for free and get 50 game pointsPirates pay to register and pay for game points
Sailors are visible to everyone and listedPirates are only visible to their gang
Sailors advance on meritPirates pass initiations to join other gangs
Sailors do not see any pirate groups or chatPirates see all sailor groups and chat
Fund raise to sponsor a Team for the USA Rescue Games or Tropical Adventure CompetitionDrinking grog, whoremongering, betting, bribing and squander the rest of your booty
Hint: Play both sides
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