“Mutiny Against Crime” and do not fall for catfishing schemes (well here at the Pirate Dive Bar you can, trust us)

Catfishing is when you use lies to deceive someone.

Do not use real money for any of these catfishing schemes, only loonies and remember, you are at a place called “The Pirate Dive Bar”, so expect pirates to steal your booty.

This catfishing tournament is fun and educational but raises money in a very transparent way for great causes. The education is that you get to see how clever people can be when they lie to deceive or steal. If you fall for these catfishing schemes you will have to donate again to get more loonies so that you can fall for the next “Great Deal!” you see.

Create some clever lies and some fun or silly ones to see if people will donate loonies to you. Since we are all expecting lies, every once in a while try telling the truth and post a great deal on here. See if anyone will believe you. You can even create another profile and donate to yourself as part of your catfishing scheme or get others to help you.

Your catfishing score is posted on the leaderboards for the type of scheme you create.

Every Person can be a Bootymaster!

You are the “Bootymaster” of any catfishing scheme you create. There is a widget on your scheme that lets people send you loonies. If you create a game or contest, you are the judge of that game or contest. People can send you bribes to be declared the winner.

For example, you create a contest called “Who has the best apple pie”. You create an award and conditions. People send you loonies to bribe you to choose them as the winner.

Catfishing Tips and Tricks

Step 1. 

You have to make sure the Bootymaster that you choose is awake even though they are not woke.  You should use an elbow, chat room, zoom or ping them with one loony to get a response.  Once you believe it is safe to let them scam you, transfer loonies to them.  If transfers drop off, Bootymasters may resort to honesty as a desperate last ditch effort to get more loonies.  This is rare as it takes actual work and effort.

That is it, once you transfer loonies you are done!  You do not have to wait to see if you won the bet, got the merchandise, if the conditions were met or if anything else will happen.  You already know it is a 99% chance of being a scam. If something does happen, and there was honesty, it is only to catfish you into sending more loonies. 

Step 2

Donate to get more loonies and fall for more scams.

Step 3 “The Basics”

Repeat the same loony actions and expect different results.

Your bait is a picture, a title and few words.  You hook the catfish in if they click on your bait and go to the second page where your transfer widget is.  You reel them in if they use the transfer widget to send you loonies.

You look at the leaderboards to weigh your catfish in the catfishing tournament.