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Cast Your Line!

Cast Your Line!

Create Your Catfishing Scheme

You can save then edit and complete this form on any day by going to High Seas > My Stuff > Edit

1) Noun, plural (especially collectively) KAT·fish, (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) cat·fish·es.

2) Slang. a person who assumes a false identity or personality on the internet, especially on social media websites, as to deceive, manipulate, or swindle.

When you post, you are catfishing in our catfishing tournament. Your catch is weighed in points called "Loonies" (short for Dubloons). Your redeem loonies for cash gift cards or prizes to win catfishing tournaments. Some posts will attempt to trick you by being honest and filled with facts. BEWARE of these.

There are many ways to win, such as having your clever posts create comedy bumpers for our TV series called "The Tropical Adventure Competition". You can also win loonies with pirate themed comedy using rigged gambling, bribing of judges, punishing the innocent, sucking up to the Bootymaster, fixing bets or appearing as a mermaid to lure sailors to their doom.

You will find many other ways to catfish players with this form or by playing the "Karaoke Challenge Game".

The Atlanta Volunteers is a 501 C 3 that benefits from this uniquely 100% transparent web site.

Catfishing Tournaments
Maximum of 50 characters
This is a tagline of one or two sentences to get them to click on the bait. Maximum 300 characters.

This is the end of the first page, called the listing page.  The next page, the detail page is where you can fight your catfish to reel in some loonies with the loony transfer widget at the top of the detail page. You can always read the messages and see the loonies they transferred to you in the drop down menu in the top right of your screen.(Look now, scroll to the first entry where we gave you four loonies for registering. "loonies" > "loonies history")

Careful, if they bite here you might not get them back.
Why should somebody use your transfer widget to vote, buy or gamble?
Do You Want To Post Now?

Instead of a bobber going up and down to see if you are getting nibbles, you will have to check your scheme for comments and the menu under your profile for notifications, invitations, friend requests and more to be a skilled catfisher.

Type of post (Sailor = True for work/education/safety, Landlubber = Rowdy 50% true, Pirate = 99% lies, comedy, art or shock)
Quickstart (Overview)

Your goal is to rescue First Responders with a smile and as much fun as you can have, to say "Thanks!"

Create a contest entry, livestream link or catfishing scheme to get votes.  Even in a crowded place like Mary Alice Park or on a boat someplace on Lake Lanier people can use our search tools to find the beach or boat you are on in the parade or anchored someplace and trade votes for a taste of your yummy apple pie, perfectly grilled hot dog or get hooked on the bait of your catfishing scheme. Think of it as a pirate (on a waverunner, pontoon or paddleboard) following a treasure map somewhere on Lake Lanier just to taste your apple pie! Mutiny against crime and use your detective skills and tools on this site to catch lying cheating pirates, find great bargains or eat some absolutely wonderful apple pie!

Livestream your contest entry!

A livestream link lets people at home choose from many different views of the event simply by clicking on "livestreamers" one after another until they find a channel they like. Some people will get votes days, weeks or months after the event by browsing the livestream library and co-operatively crowd sourcing to create media for the "Tropical Adventure Competition" TV series. (all livestream links are open source under our copyright and available for public use but not for sale) Crowd sourcing is how the TV episodes are created. (You already see lots of TV content from cell phones. This site lets you share editing, special effects, sound and more from people around the world to create broadcast media content for TV shows)

Votes are the "ice breaker" for sharing

Think of this a large family picnic. Most people will bring something to share or will volunteer to help out. (Some will just eat and sleep like most families!) We ask that you bring apple pie, hot dogs, organize "beachball baseball" games or sign up as a volunteer in the water to help "Mutiny" the flag or clean up after the event. To make it fun to share your apple pie, hot dogs or games with others you create a contest entry and sharing happens when they find you from your contest entery. We give each person 4 votes called "Loonies" (short for Dubloons) when they login. You can get more votes by donating with the "Bootymaster". You charge people as many votes as you want for your apple pie or hot dogs or leave it to them after they eat.   Upload a picture or livestream your apple pie, hot dog or other entry even weeks before the event. Add a title, catch phrase and options to get votes now, use the silent auction or negotiate. Play online if you can't attend in person and bid against people in livestreams. Watch the event by choosing from dozens of livestreams from people in the park, on boats, at home or in some Pirate Dive Bar.

You could win a place on the TV show called "The Tropical Adventure Competition" or just support some great first responders. Celebrate local day to day heroes, sign the card, upload a story or just say "thanks" in your own way.

To win an apple pie, hot dog, boat parade, karaoke, mermaid, bootymaster or other contests you have to "Catfish" for votes. Your contest entry is called a "catfishing scheme". You compete in "Catfishing Tournaments. A loony, (short for Dubloon) is a vote. At the prize counter you exchange loony (votes) for prizes. You can do anything you want to get loony and support a hero you choose. Qualified nonprofits can get 98% for their heroes! (Paypal gets 2% of donations. We do not charge fees) You can tell lies like any fisherman, you can vote for yourself, you can bribe judges, you can cheat, gamble or steal and act like a pirate at the -


Hero (this choice lets you cheer on a first responder hero or register a new one or cause you believe in)
Choose "Our Choice" for now.  Once you choose a hero or learn about the "Tropical Adventure Competition", come back here to edit your choice as often as you want.    Go to "High Seas > My Stuff > Edit" to edit this form.  Go to "High Seas > Tropical Adventure Competition" to learn more.


After you register a Hero, Hero Manager or Team Leader by submitting this form, then you edit this form to select the Hero, Hero Manager or Team leader you want.
Add the name of a person, organizaton or cause for the HeroThe Hero Manager must be a close family member or representative of the Hero.  The Team Leader is the person responisble for getting all the work done.  Anyone can register as the Team Leader for any Hero.  The Hero Manager chooses the Team leader(s) after reviewing who registered for "Tryouts".
Use anything you want for the name. Username, real name, company name, web address or anything.
You must be a close family member of the Hero or a valid representative of the Hero or the organization chosen as the Hero. You can put down any type of name or description including, email, phone, web site etc.
The serious players choose their own name. You can have some fun by selecting somebody you know according to the results of a challenge, bet, contest or bribe. Won't your friend be surprised when they find out they were just nominated as a volunteer to be a team leader! You might want to set a bribe amount for you to "edit" your form and remove them as team leader.
Cast Your Line
• Upload a picture
• Create a title
• Create a catch phrase
• Create a description
• Optional links, livestream, comments or chat
Hook Your Fish
• Vote – you ask people to vote for you
• Buy – you name a price (in votes) for the item
• Auction – Whoever gives you the most votes wins
• Gamble – You gamble votes in games, cards or challenge you create
• Donate – You will donate the prize if you reach a certain amount of votes
• You exchange votes for prizes at "High Seas >Prized Booty
Vessel (Type of Creation)
Special information
Apple Pie Information
Boat Parade Information
Media Information
See Extra Details
You can register for a door prize when you select our "#1 contest". This "Thank You Contest" is our biggest contest.  Select any item below to learn about that item.  Select "Donate Prizes" to see how you can get loonies when you donate items, coupons, adventures, services and more for prizes.  

In Pirate talk, a bootyrat will eat one of your loonies when you submit this form. (simply, it costs you one loony to submit this form)  Bootyrats infest the ship and eat 20% of your loonies each time you transfer them.  This goes to "tips", for a party for all of the volunteers.

Your catfishing schemes (contest entries) are used for a lot of different purposes.

When you click on the bait of a catfishing scheme another page opens up with a "loony & message transfer widget". This is where the catfisher and you, the catfish come to terms. Who will win?

You can enter tournaments, organize games, find or donate prizes with catfishing schemes.

Your catfishing schemes collect loonies and votes that you can spend on prizes or use to win contests.

Do you have a fun, interesting, practical item, service or prize that you want to find, buy or donate? Please list it in the "Prizes, Rewards (Buy, Sell or Trade)" section. Silly and funny prizes like "Will tattoo your name for 1,000 loonies" or "Will film and post a youtube video of your Boat in the parade", "Will name my next dog after your boss", "Will cook you a steak for 50 loonies" are very welcome in that section. Gift cards, game tickets, used items and anything else can be listed. This helps to keep the Atlanta Volunteer Giant Flag events free. You get to keep any loonies your prize generates! Exceptionally successful or fun entries will win prizes.

Visit the Groups page, (found on the High Seas) to join a tournament.  You can post here with or without being in a "free" tournament. After you join a tournament (group), you can use the drop down menu, top right, under your profile Groups > Memberships, to visit your group and its functions.

(You only need to fill out green boxes or circles.  All other background colors display information and do not need an entry.)
Check your loony balance in the menu at the top right under your profile. It costs 1 loony to post this.

Catfishing Tournament Information

Register for a Door Prize
Write this number down on your name badge or beside your hot dog or apple pie on a paper plate or napkin. Yell, text, or email it.
After you add the location go to the bottom of the form and press submit. You will get errors but you can now choose the new location you just added.

Maximum file size: 33.55MB

Do You Want To Livestream or Crowd Source Your Activity?
Simple as posting a link!

Media Production Hub

Describe what you would like people to help you with and how they can use their editing, acting, voice over, special effects or other talents to add to this production. Everybody can freely use, change and post your material but it cannot be copyrighted as it has been published here first.
Put the full web address in such as
Put the full web address in such as
You can re-use this form by going to High Seas >My Stuff >Edit and changing this date
Time you will begin
Add more livestream and library links

Post Information

There are two sections for your post. This is the first section, the listing page. It contains simple information.

All Categories
Active Topics

Choose a topic from your category

Boat Activity, Parades, SEAL Team, Raft-Ups & Beach Parties

Boat Activity, Parades, SEAL Team, Raft-Ups & Beach Parties

Motorcycle, Car, ATV, Cowboy & More Rallies

Motorcycle, Car, ATV, Cowboy & More Rallies

Activities, Competition, Games & Gambling

Activities, Competition, Games & Gambling

Tropical Adventure Competition

Tropical Adventure Competition

Safety and Rescue Competition

Safety and Education

Bank & Barter

Bank & Barter


Prize Counter







Bootyrats (character development for plot twists)

The ships stores are eaten by these types of Bootyrat villans during a mutiny
Hero of Your Event
Would you like to register your Hero?
This form can be completed by the Hero, Hero Manager or Team Manager. A description of those duties and rules is here.

We will place you on a team if you qualify. The Hero is the only person who does not need to be registered on this web site.

Below is your detail page. When somebody clicks on your post, this page will appear with more detail.

Click here to attend the boat parade
Completing Your Game Card

Your stage name, title, photo, date and location are on your listing page. The other files are on a second page that opens when people click on your listing. By using "Edit" to change the date or location you can reuse your profile over and over. Only profiles showing todays date are visible at each location. Go to "High Seas" > "My Stuff" > "Edit" to make changes and updates to this profile for the days and locations that you want to play at. It costs one loony to submit this form

Maximum file size: 0.2MB

Karaoke Information

Name songs you would like to sing as a duet or in a group. Talk about air bands, back up dancing and any skits you think would be fun. Talk about music, dance, wardrobe or routines you would like to develop. Say anything you want

Choose basic activities you will do for 10 loonies
Will you accept challenges from the "10 Loony Wildcard Pool"

Add challenges to the "10 Loony Wildcard Pool"

Select challenges from the "10 Loony Pool" that you will do

Choose activities you will do for 20 loonies
Choose wild activities
You may update and edit this form at anytime. You will find under "Edit" on the High Seas.
Your best lure
Name it like a bill in congress, the opposite of what it really is

Maximum file size: 33.55MB

Photo shop it like a dating site pro

Maximum file size: 33.55MB

Surprise Picture
Say something not to lose this fish!
Todays price for bait or fool them with a great price for goods and services you will actually deliver
Black = Keeping it Real

Red= Senator Warren

Will you be playing the Karaoke Challenge Game?
If you answer "Yes" you may get more votes for your apple pie or hot dog, but you could be called onstage to play the Karaoke Challenge Game.

Punish the innocent! (innocent people listen to your criminal Karaoke singing)

You both must send Loony Messages to each other to confirm any deal you make.  Anyone can read loony messages so make them interesting, daring, obscene, uncalled for, rude but never woke or polite.

To list something in the "other" category, you have to be willing to do it first. You also have to submit this form once to see it in the list.  You can edit this form to choose what you added it or start a new form.

Skip any challenge you want if it is out of bounds, dangerous or illegal. We all know how clever drunken pirates think they are!

Performer For Hire - Easy level 5 loonies
Entertainer For Hire - Medium level 10 loonies
Drunken Pirate - hard level (25)
Superstar Daredevil - 50
Anyone may add items to the wheel of Destiny.

Boats and Crew Available

Type of Participation
Positions you will fill
Parade Choices

Maximum file size: 33.55MB

Take your best guess! This chart is for planning.   You are not obligated for the time you indicate.  You can show up anytime! This is simply a tool to help everyone plan on the best time to go.

Go to High Seas>My Stuff>Edit To update this form if conditions change.

Select just one green box for a time.  Put the number "1" in the box.  If you are also bringing other watercraft such as waverunners, put a number for the total number of watercraft in your group.

Rate Your Post (Sailor = Safe for everyone, Landlubber = Rowdy, Pirate = Unknown)
Feel free to cuss like a sailor, just rate your post Landlubber or Pirate