Brandon – FLASH MOB EVENT – Always FREE! (Just like speech) and no leader needed.

Singing and pirate jig dancing competition Democrats VS the “Good Guys”

All red air mattresses are sprayed black on the opposite side. All white are painted blue on the opposite side. This makes the USA and Back the Blue flags by flipping the air mattresses. $5-10 air mattresses and a couple cans of spray paint means that everybody can make their own “pixel” and these flags can get as big as we can make them on the water or held over parked motorcycles in a parking lot.

Paddle (or park your bike, atv, horse) to make the flag, hear the whistle, say the Pledge of allegiance, sing the national anthem or yell out “Let’s Go Brandon”. Hear the whistle flip the air mattresses to make the back the blue flag.

Follow the instructions to make letters such as FJB or USA to your event.

Similar To A Marching Band except air mattresses are used to make this flag a size matched to the crowd that shows up. Each person makes and brings their own painted air mattress. This event is formed close to the beach inside the “no boats” zone or on an empty parking lot or field when using motorcycles, atvs, golf carts or horses.

We invite Democrats to make up the Trump version for the Karaoke Challenge Game.

The Brandon version of the Karaoke Challenge Game is sung after all flags and letters are made. There is a folk song called “The Drunken Sailor” that creates this event. Choose the polite or FFFFT versions. (google it)

This is the Republican version, in the spirit of free speech we welcome (Yuck) Democrats to have fun with us and create their own lyrics. (We aren’t going to do it for you, you have to step up and get in the game!) Just like a couple of teams playing sports, it is all fun and games. Everybody is united as Americans.

Song Examples, make up your own

Real Chorus

Way hey and up she rises, Way hey and up she rises, Way hey and up she rises ear li in the morn nig

Our Chorus Polite

Way Hey Lets Go Brandon, Way hey Lets Go Brandon, Way Hey Lets go Brandon, Don’ forget your nap time

Our Chorus FFFFT

Way Hey FFFFFT Jo Biden, Way Hey FFFFFT Jo Biden, Way Hey FFFFFT Jo Biden, FFFFFT that kam a la too

Real Verse

What will we do with the drunken sailor, what will we do with the drunken sailior, what will we do with the drunken sailor ear li in the morn ning

Our Verse Polite

What will we sing after Lets Go Brandon, What will we sing after Lets Go Brandon, What will we sing after Lets Go Brandon, fffffft that kam a la too

Our verse FFFFT

What will we sing after FFFFFT Jo Biden, What will we sing after FFFFFT Jo Biden, What will we sing after FFFFFT Jo Biden, FFFFFT that Kamala too

Players create one or more of their own original lines and take turns singing according to place in line. Just one line makes up an entire verse such as “Give him some pud ding be for his nap time”. People who are playing the game who do not have a line to sing must dance, join in or take on challenges that they have posted in the “Karaoke Challenge Game” section of this website. Each person takes a turn singing the line they made up for their verse and then everyone sings the chorus and then the next person sings. When somebody is out of lines or not dancing a pirate jig or having somebody elese dance a jig for them, their turn is over. Last one singing verses, unless being booed off the stage wins.

Motorcycle / Boat Parade

A cheap pool air mattress & 2 cans of spray paint can enable these giant flags to form anywhere across the country people want to freely assemble. People on the tubes “spread eagle” to be the stars and have fireworks in zip lock bags. Bikers can put the air mattress in a saddle bag or back pack and leave one bike at the exit the other bike at the start and have a precision parade floating down their favorite river or on a lake during a rally. Start singing the Brandon version of the Karaoke Challenge game and record the pirate jigs and other challenges. Video the event from a high point or use a drone. Submit this to be a comedy bumper for the TV series “Tropical Adventure Competition” to win prizes, appearances and be paid “per second” of air time.

The Grand Prize winner gets to flip the USA flag over to reveal their flag. It would really rankle the red necks if the back the blue flag was in danger of being replaced with a rainbow flag, mexican flag or the horror of a Canadian flag. All of that would create a lot of competition to do great things for our disabled heroes.

Create this flash mob event instantly at the day of event! No leader is needed!

The #1 in F, the # 14 in J, the #23 in B anchor the letters. Everybody else “sounds off” with their number to create the letter. They all see the diagram and know where they are. Make this bigger or smaller according to the number of people that show up. Just draw this on a piece of graph paper and let everyone see it or post the file on and everybody uses their phone to see the diagram. Takes just minutes before the event, by anyone on any piece of paper.

With the flag you sound off by stripe. White row 8 flips to blue, red rows flip to black to make the back the blue flag. Flip to form USA in Red, White and Blue. The tubes are the stars all around the letters. Fireworks, lighter in zip lock bags lets everyone light sparklers and fireworks.