1. (must be logged in) Click on “Booty” in the menu. Type in “Captain” for recipient. Amount = 1, Message = Ahoy. Submit

2. Check the Dubloons history in your profile (upper right of your screen.)

You have just completed the only 2 moves this messenger game with points has. The rest of the instructions are about strategy!

Go to groups and join sailors to begin play! You are done! The following is just detailed information. (the less you know, the better for us)

IntroductionYou earn loonies by catching bootyrats!

Our game engine is called “Bootyrat.”  Points are called Dubloons, or “loonies”.  Loonies can work with any web site, online activity or live event.  Loonies raise money for the Atlanta Volunteers. Loonies can also raise money for any organization, reason or individual.

Loonies are a game piece.  Unlike poker chips at a casino, you cannot exchange them with us for cash.  You can exchange them for prizes including gift cards.  You can buy products and pay for services with loonies from anyone who has logged into this web site.  You are able to freely sell, trade or give away loonies yourself, and if you can get somebody to pay you cash, a piece of chicken, an old tire for an imaginary game piece called a looney, go ahead!

You do not have to give any personal or verified information to login or to use loonies.  Loonies do not connect to your credit card, name or bank account. We store no account information on this website, all credit card transactions are handled offsite at PayPal.

There are many ways to get loonies.  You can buy, trade, bet, earn or win loonies from us or from anyone. You can use a credit card, cash, serve food, shovel snow, take a dare or trade for products and services. 

Loonies have one very unique feature.  You can read the complete history of any loonie or player to see how they got loonies and how they spend them.  This is a very important feature of the bootyrat game as you can determine if you are playing with an honest sailor or a lying cheating pirate by reading the history of the loonie or player.

Imagine that you go to a game arcade and buy a bucket of 50 tokens to play games.  After playing the games you go to the prize counter and redeem your game winnings for prizes.  Bootyrat is similar except that we use loonies instead of a bucket of tokens for playing and for prizes.

Loonies are initially priced similar to buying arcade game tokens, about $0.25 each.  A key concept while playing Bootyrat is to buy low with cash, credit and trades and then sell high and manipulate the value of loonies as if you were the Federal Reserve or Wallstreet.  You can change the real or imagined value of your loonies in any way you want.  Every player can call themselves a banker (Deputy Bootymaster). This is how you can raise actual money for an organization or an individual.


At a backyard party to raise money for a cause you believe in, tell people to login with Kroger to get 50 game points for free.  Ask guests to transfer a few loonies to you for a hot dog and drink.  Anyone at the party can offer to serve a few hot dogs and drinks for loonies, clean up the mess, bet on party games or be paid to play music.  At the party you can substitute online loonies for poker chips and then transfer them back into online loonies when the party is done. You play horse shoes, darts, corn hole, poker and pay or fine people to sing. This can be done with a mixture of online loonies and poker chip loonies. They are interchangeable. You create a prize counter for your event, or use ours and exchange the loonies for prizes which can include gift cards or items you can sell. This supports your cause with actual money or resources. Think of the prize counter you create as being similar to a silent auction except you can sell for cash or loonies.

People in an organization can designate their group leader as the Deputy Bootymaster.  They can now pay dues, fines and bribes at their meetings with their cell phones.  The group leader can build a pile lot of loonies to sell back to members for cash at a price above or below the $0.25 we charge and put this cash from their members directly towards their organization.   

There are many ways to get loonies.  You can buy, trade, bet, earn or win loonies from us or from anyone. You can use a credit card, cash, serve food, shovel snow, take a dare or trade for products and services.  If you use a credit card to buy loonies your transaction goes to the paypal site. No credit card or banking information is entered or stored on our site and you do not set up an account. 


This game raises money for the USA Rescue Games, The Tropical Adventure Competition, Pack 114 Special Scouts and The Atlanta Volunteers.  Every time you transfer loonies, we charge a transfer percentage that we manipulate up and down just like the stock market and interest rates on real money. We may pay you to make transfers, lull you into a false sense of security and when the time is right, we charge you. We do this back and forth just like we were manipulating the stock market.  You can do the same with your loonies. You may use this game to raise funds for any good cause or nonprofit or just to learn about real world market and interest rate manipulation using a fiat currency.

We are hoping all of our activities, including bootyrat will create transition opportunities to the working world for adults with abilities.

You earn loonies by catching bootyrats!

(RAT = Recipient, Amount, Type message)

Make a bootyrat by doing the following.

Click on Booty (you must be logged in to see this menu) then create this RAT.

R=Captain, A=1, T=Permission to come aboard Sir

Press submit and then go to the top right of your screen into your profile. Use hover and find “Dubloons History” or click and go to “My History” You will see the details of this bootyrat in the history.  You can see the history of any player.

You have just created, sent and verified your first bootyrat. The Captain caught this one and got a loony but this bootyrat just ate one of your loonies.  Verify the bootyrat infestation by clicking on the Captains profile and reading his history. Reading a players history lets you determine if you are dealing with an honest sailor or a lying pirate.

Bootyrats are found all over the place and not just in the game.  They can be found in the classifieds to pay for goods and services, in video production to pay for crowd sourced work, in athletic competitions to be used as prizes and as a method to add comedy to your organizations business meeting while paying for your coffee and snacks.

Zoom calls, messengers, and live events are all places where you can find bootyrats.

You can make instant transactions with anyone without a credit card or entering personal information! Just run this game in the background and make the transfer here. You choose and support your favorite cause at the same time!

Types of Bootyrats

R=Fred, A=1, T=darts, 10 loonies (play darts with Fred, the winner gets 10 loonies)

R=Leader, A=5, T=coffee & doughnut (you just paid for a coffee and doughnut at your business meeting)

R=all, A=1, T=Packers score next, 25 loonies (all=chatroom message to everyone, everyone who chases the RAT can bet on the next goal) People show that they are chasing the RAT by responding with one Dubloon to acknowledge the bet.  R=challengers name  A=1, T=Your on

R=Bootymaster, A=10, T=Bribe, Punish Fred for being a pirate and cheating at darts (if your bribe is too low, you get punished, if your bribe is too high you get random results including you being punished by the Bootymaster, excessive rewards or Fred punishing you and his great punishment earns him rewards)

R=all, A=1, T=20 USCG, 5 for Sally (everyone in the chat room has been challenged to take the next USCG quiz at our other web site  Losers pay winners 20 Dubloons and transfer 5 loonies to Sally (Sally could be the waitress, your group leader, favorite cause or anyone)

More Bootyrats

You are in your boat at Sunset Cove.  You want some ice delivered.  You go to the “Sunset Cove” chatroom and post “I challenge other boats to a dance off, loser pays 100 dubloons to the Atlanta Volunteers and gets a bag of ice”.  Other boats reply “Aye Aye”.  Details of the danceoff are given in the chatroom, people form a virtual line and it starts.  People vote in the chatroom.

In the “Lake Lanier Fishing” chat room, you see that there are four other fishermen out fishing today on Lake Lanier.  You post “I Bet 50 Dubloons that I will catch the next fish.”  You use a zoom meeting to verify everyone is fishing and catching fresh and not frozen fish.

Create some comedy before you start your business meeting. While waiting for people to arrive you fine somebody 10 dubloons for wearing an ugly Christmas sweater, you fine somebody 5 for going bald, you fine people 15 for being late, they fine you 30 for the lousy joke you told.  A special award of 50 dubloons goes to Bob who went 10 days without spilling coffee or food on his shirt. The dubloons are given to your groups Treasurer to put in the coffee “kitty”, or towards your favorite charity.

Using zoom you put out a challenge to tie a bowline in the fastest time.

You will pay 250 Dubloons if somebody washes down the boat.

This game has 3 rules.

  1. You never have to pay any fine or perform any service but you can.
  2. You pay for a product or service before it is delivered or performed and then your turn ends.
  3. You do not have to deliver a product or perform a service that was already paid for but you can.

And 2 moves.

  1. Transfer dubloons to another player with a message.
  2. Read the transfer and message history of any player.  (hint: pirates hide most of the time making them difficult to catch):
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