Bootyrat is the playful pirate name of a messenger that lets you send points with your message.  Points can be redeemed for prizes and gift cards.  No personal information or credit card is needed. The common name for Bootyrat is RAT. (Recipient, Amount, Type message)

The points used on this web site are called Dubloons, but everyone calls them “loonies.”  You start with 50 loonies which is like getting a bucket of ($0.25) tokens at an arcade. These can be redeemed for coupons, prizes or gift cards at the Prize counter.  You can earn loonies by catching bootyrats.

Sailors are featured heroes and regular players. (Heroes are found in the USA Rescue Games & Tropical Adventure Competition and from your organization) Pirates raise funds for the heroes by winning them from the players and then giving to the heroes.

Levels of difficulty 1=easy 10 = medium Pirate = unknown

  1. Send a message with points, read the points history
  2. Complete a coin toss, darts, sports bet or other simple challenge for points
  3. In groups, use the chat room or forum to discuss challenges
  4. Post/view challenges in the classifieds, buy a product or service with points
  5. Create and post a custom bootyrat game to raise funds for you or your organization
  6. Convert online points into poker chips, play poker then convert back into online points with new scores
  7. Use youtube without logging into google or youtube and transfer points to the creator of a video
  8. Use Facebook without logging into google or FB and transfer points to a FB user
  9. Become the Deputy Bootymaster and redeem points for prizes and gift cards for you or your cause
  10. Create a 100% bogus profile and login to the Pirate side of this website for advanced play


Bootyrat raises money for the USA Rescue Games, The Tropical Adventure Competition, Pack 114 Special Scouts and The Atlanta Volunteers.  It can also raise money for your favorite cause, club or organization. FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS, INC. is a 501 c 3 that manages these activities.  You may use Bootyrat to raise funds for any good cause or nonprofit.

You should be able to play up to level 6 of Bootyrat before starting the advanced Pirate Side of this website.  Business, TV production, sponsors and Fund Raising Pirate Gangs are on the Pirate side of this website. Besides business activities, the pirate side contains secret gangs that will bribe, extort, catfish, shark and tie you to the mast and beat you until your morale improves.  You need to create a 100% fake profile to play the advanced pirate version but you will need a real profile for business activities.

Do this first!

Choose “Groups” and join “Sailors’. Then look to see if your organization has a group such as WCU RTA and join that group. Come back here and continue reading.

There are 3 rules

  1. You never have to pay any fine or perform any service, but you can.
  2. You pay for a product or service before it is delivered or performed and your turn ends when you transfer loonies to pay for it.
  3. You do not have to deliver a product or perform a service, but you can.

Your turn and all promises end when you transfer points. You have to trust that you made a deal with a sailor and not a smooth talking pirate. Make a careful review of transaction histories before making a deal. You can add positive or negative comments to transaction histories, but it will cost you.


(You must be logged in to create a Bootyrat.)

The chat room contained in each group you joined, will tell you who is online from that group. The chat name, username and recipient name for bootyrats are all the same. (put dashes in for spaces if the username is two or more words) More information about the groups you join will be found in the forum. After you join a group you can navigate from your profile (top right of your screen) into groups you have joined. Sometimes the group leader will change the settings of the group and make them hidden. The only way you will find hidden groups is through your profile. This is how Pirates hide, you never see the Pirate groups.

Level 1 – Send a message with points, read the points history

Click on Booty in the main menu to create this RAT.

(RAT = Recipient, Amount, Type message)

R=Captain, A=1, T=Permission to come aboard Sir

Press submit and then go to the top right of your screen into your profile. Use the drop-down menu and read “Dubloons History.”  You will see the details of this BootyRAT in the history.  You can see the history of any player by clicking on their profile.

You have just created, sent and verified your first “bootyrat.” The Captain caught this one and got a loony but this bootyrat just ate one of your loonies.  Verify the bootyrat infestation by clicking on the Captains profile and reading his history. Reading a players history lets you determine if you are dealing with an honest sailor or a lying pirate.

Level 2 – Complete a coin toss, darts, sports bet or a salt life trivia quiz for points

Send a message with 1 loonie to your buddy Bob.  “Hey Bob, lets play darts for 10 points”.  Bob sends the 1 looney back to you with the message “Sure”.  You play darts, after the game the loser creates a message “You win, here are your 10 loonies”. 

Level 3 – Join groups, use the “challenge” chat room or forum to discuss challenges

At the top of the menu you will see the word “Groups”, click on that and go to the groups you have joined.  You will see a menu for the group.  Click on chat.  A chat window for that group opens up.  Send a test chat message to somebody in that room.  A persons chat name is also the name you can use to send a bootyrat or to view their profile.  Look for “Forum” in the Group menu, in there you will find listing of groups and when they meet to play bootyrat. You can also use the forum to find out what kind of challenges other people are creating.

Level 4 – Post/view challenges in the classifieds, buy a product or service with points

The classifieds let you view or post in different categories.  Post a test message and then view it.  You can advertise for anything, post jobs, volunteer duties and products or services to sell.  

Level 5 – Create and post a custom bootyrat game to raise funds for you or your organization

Create an account with a name that your group will recognize you as the Deputy Bootymaster.  You can learn how to create your own group in the Sailor forum if you have a large group. Post your group meeting details in the Sailor Forum.  Meet at a time of your choosing in one of the available chatrooms.  Create a post in the forum that explains the rules of your game. The Deputy Bootymaster will collect your dues, fines for being late and may levy fees for coffee and donuts at your meeting. 

Level 6 – The Deputy Bootymaster of your group or party creates a reason to use plastic poker chips.   

This could be bingo, poker, buying snacks, drinks,  bake sale items, paying volunteers or prizes.  The Deputy Bootymaster has people transfer points into her account and she hands out poker chips in amounts she creates. (Bootymasters have lousy math skills)   During or after the event some people might keep their poker chips, hand in bogus poker chips or try to game the system.  The Deputy Bootymaster transfers points back to players at the end of the event when she gets poker chips, or however she wants.  She can give extra points to people who have bribed her or skim a few off the top from people that played honestly or fine people for no reason at all.  Taxes, use fees, admission and any reason for keeping points is at the discretion of the Deputy Bootymaster.  The players turn was over as soon as they foolishly transferred points into poker chips or expected the poker chips to be turned back into points.

Level 7 -Have your youtube channel earn bootyrats.

A 100 bootyrats has a $40 value.  A 100 youtube likes are not even 1/10 of a cent.

A bootyrat has the value of a $0.25 game token.  Bootyrats have no complicated formulae for earning revenue or google account needed.

Go to the Youtube forum in groups for more information on linking your channel and then go to the Youtube section in classifieds to complete the set-up. You or your donor do not have to be linked into google or youtube to use this feature when viewing youtube videos and rewarding them with bootyrats.

Level 8 – Have your Facebook activity earn bootyrats.

Go to the Facebook forum for information on linking your Facebook account.  Go to the Facebook section in classifieds to complete the set-up. You or your donor do not have to be linked into google or FB to use this feature. You can use this feature with any website, messenger or web application in a similar way that you used it with FB.

Level 9 – Become the Deputy Bootymaster to raise money for you or your cause

The easiest way to do this is to simply tell other players you are a Deputy Bootymaster and create your own rules of play.  Go to the Deputy Bootymaster section in the forum to find out how to create your own games. Learn how to change online points into poker chips and mix live and online players together in a challenge where some are using poker chips and some are using online points in the same game. 

Level 10 – Up to now you have been on the sailor side. There is another side, the Pirate side that remains hidden except for the easy part, taking your money. Pirates pass initiations then join secret gangs and meet in dark places until they join raids or parties.  Only Pirates can tell you more.

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