Bribe the Bootymaster to punish the innocent. Resolve all differences by losing more loonies (just like paying a lawyer but not as sharks) The messages that contain loonies are called “Bootyrats“. (RAT = Recipient, Amount, Type message) You get loonies by catching bootyrats. Rats eat 20% of your loonies. (You must be logged in to correctly see this page)

Transfer to Bootymaster (auctions & bribes)

Transfer to anyone

Buy dubloons here!
You support your favorite charity when you buy Dubloons! (processed by PayPal into the account of the designated Bootymaster)

Buy or sell loonies with cash! 

 People that will buy or sell loonies for cash are listed in the classifieds.  Use the tools on this site to contact them.

Lets say you buy $20 worth of loonies.  The charity gets $20, you get 80 loonies.  You might charge a convenience fee of $10 for selling the loonies for cash. To make this trade go the bootymaster page and transfer loonies to that persons account.  They give you $30, you get $10 of fundraising profit!   You might go the other way and sell the loonies at a loss for $10.  The charity got $20 but it only cost you $10.  A win, win no matter what you do with them!  You can also wheel and deal with food, drink, bribes, punishment and commands from the bootymaster.

If you have been doing really well catfishing suckers, turn those loonies into cash by selling them!

Deputy Bootymaster Initiation

Once you learn up to level 6 you can request a gang initiation to become a Deputy Bootymaster and take bribes to punish the innocent.

Level 1Send a message with points, read the points history

R=Captain, A=1, T=Permission to come aboard Sir

Press submit and then go to the top right of your screen into your profile. Use the drop-down menu and read “Dubloons History.”  You will see the details of this BootyRAT in the history.  You can see the history of any player and can find them in the members section in chat.

You have just created, sent and verified your first “bootyrat.” The Captain caught this one and got a loony but this bootyrat just ate part your loonies.  Verify the bootyrat infestation by clicking on the Captains profile and reading his history. Reading a players history lets you determine if you are dealing with an honest sailor or a lying pirate.

Level 2 – Complete a coin toss, darts, sports bet or other simple challenge for points

Send a message with 1 loonie to your buddy Bob.  “Hey Bob, lets play darts for 10 points”.  Bob sends the 1 looney back to you with the message “Sure”.  You play darts, after the game the loser creates a message “You win, here are your 10 loonies”.  If people do not see the payout when viewing your history, you can suspect they cheat!

Level 3 – Use the chat room or forum to discuss challenges

Click on chat.  A chat window for that group opens up.  Send a test chat message.  A persons chat name is also the name you can use to send a bootyrat or to view their profile. 

Level 4 – Post/view challenges in the classifieds, buy a product or service with points

The classifieds let you view or post in different categories.  Post a test message and then view it.  You can advertise for anything and buy anything with points if you can make a deal.  Messages posted or read in Classifieds do not show up in your history, only when you pay for a service or product found in the classifieds.

Level 5Create and post a custom bootyrat game for you or your organization

Create a new account for with a name that your group will recognize as the Deputy Bootymaster.  Post your group meeting details in the Forum.  Meet at a time of your choosing in one of the available chatrooms.  The Deputy Bootymaster collects your dues, fines and levies fees for coffee and donuts at your meeting.  Your are a conditional Deputy Bootymaster.

Level 6This is played live with poker chips, but online players can join in. Your group decides who the Deputy Bootymaster is. The Bootymaster tells everyone how many poker chips will equal one loonie, ususally one poker chip for one loonie. Players can pay in cash to the Bootymaster for loonies or poker chips. If the Bootymaster is an honest sailor at heart, the value of the poker chips to loonies never changes. If the Bootymaster is more of a pirate she believes math is a failed religion and gives out poker chips in random amounts no matter what she agreed to. She gives out more to suckups and less to the innocent who deserve to be punished. She is cautious of creating a mutiny, being thrown overboard or tied to the mast and lashed due to her poor math skills.

The Bootymaster determines what items are in her prize counter. It could be bake sale items, volunteer duties, empty promises, gift cards or unknown covered items that buyer must take or bribe their way out of if they do not want it.

Players use the pokerchips for bingo, poker, buying snacks, drinks,  bake sale items, paying volunteers or prizes. The Deputy Bootymaster transfers points back to players at the end of the event however she wants for poker chips.  She can give extra points to people who have bribed her or skim a few off the top from people that played honestly or fine people for no reason at all.  Taxes, use fees, admission and any reason for keeping points is at the discretion of the Bootymaster.  The players turn was over as soon as they transferred points into poker chips. 

Level 7 -Have your youtube channel earn bootyrats.

A 100 bootyrats is a $40 value.  A hundred youtube likes is almost worthless.

A bootyrat has the value of a $0.25 game token.  This is many thousands of times the value of a youtube like.  Bootyrats have no complicated formulae for earning revenue or google account needed to be used. As long as both people have joined this site, you transaction goes around youtube & google and right into the account holder at the pirate dive bar.

Go to the Youtube forum in classifieds for more information on linking your channel and then go to the Youtube section in classifieds to complete the set-up.

Level 8Have your Facebook activity earn bootyrats.

Go to the Facebook forum in classifieds for information on linking your Facebook.  Go to the Facebook section in classifieds to complete the set-up. As long as both people are members here, the transaction goes around facebook and directly to the facebook account holder.

Level 9Become the Deputy Bootymaster to raise money for you or your cause

You must pass a gang initiation here to learn more.

Level 10The sailor side of this website is where you can learn the skills that let you skulk around like a pirates remain hidden until they attack or caught by clever sailors.  Pirates pass initiations to join secret gangs and meet in secret places until they join for parties or raids.  Only Pirates can tell you more and you will learn this if you have passed the previous gang initiation.