Bootymaster Info

The best way to be an effective Bootymaster is to skip all the loony nonsense at the Pirate Dive Bar and post your organizations donor link on the activity page you create. People enjoy the fun, competition and activities and then go right to your donation page to support your organization. Use the “create” menu to get started.

Loony Nonsense – Votes or Booty?

Votes let you win huge Bootymaster prizes. Booty can be parlayed into cash or prizes. You can do this while competing for our usual prizes.

The Bootymaster is a banker, judge, organizer, commander, punisher, carnival barker, catfisher, hero to the heroes and spirit of the ship.

The Bootymaster is in charge of all rules and finances but believes that math is a failed religion, refunds are just a myth and you can’t count on accountability.

In some countries ships traditionally have male names and so the spirit would be male if you are playing in that country, but you are not.  In western culture ships traditionally have female names and the spirit is female.  In the world of Bootymasters, there is only one gender, female.  Unless a Bootymaster comes out of the closet and is discovered to be a male there is definitely not more than two genders as you are already out of the closet.

Anyone that is the bootymaster should use the voice, mannerisms, appearance, fake photos and fake bio of the spirit you represent.  (monty python combined with S&M catfishing) The bootymaster always carries a whip and will beat you until morale improves. It could be your morale, her morale or the morale of the person that bribed her to beat you.


This is pretty easy. You go to the Bootymaster page, select your Bootymaster and vote.


To catfish for votes you create your campaign on the “Bootymaster” page. To catfish for booty you create an event at the “Create” menu. The absolute easiest way to win the biggest prize here is to catfish for votes. Look at the “Bootymaster Prizes” and then look at the “Bootymaster Leaderboard”.

Catfishing for booty is pretty easy when you create an event. When people use “Discover” and explore your event they will see a transfer widget on the detail page. They can surrender the booty to you on that widget for your event. You can redeem your loonies at the prize counter for cash and prizes. But you have another option. Lets say one of the catfish that you are trolling for wants loonies. You are a waitress and are used to turning on your catfishing skills and you have an offer. You will sell loonies for cash instead of the catfish using their credit card at a place called “The Pirate Dive Bar”. Sounds fishy. It is probably the worst place on the internet to use your credit card with a bunch of pirates running it, so here is the deal. I have lots of booty, here take a look. (At the public ledger! It isn’t like the bootymaster would stoop so low with that low cut top just to catfish you.) You want $20 worth of loonies and to save you the risk of using your credit card, I will sell you 2 loonies for each dollar. The Pirate Dive Bar sells them 4 for a dollar, but I need a little something for my trouble and you don’t risk your credit card. The Bootymaster uses the transfer widget of the catfish and gives them 40 loonies for the $20. It cost the Bootymaster just over $10 with her credit card so she just made about $10. (Paypal fees subtracted)

Lets say she has really done well catfishing. She could sell her excess loonies, 6 or 8 loonies for a dollar and undercut the Pirate Dive Bar price of 4 for a dollar. We encourage all kinds of deals for loonies! Sell them for any price you can get under any condions. You can turn electronic points into paper money on the spot with anyone.

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