The object of the game is to create interesting transactions for auctioned items, bets, games & challenges ast Christy gets a 25% tip on every transaction.

Game points are called Dubloons (or “loonies”) and have a starting value of 25 cents.

When you make a transaction, 25% of the transaction goes to Christy. 100% goes to Christy when you pay for an item at auction.

Use your creative mind to list interesting auctions, bets, dares, games and challenges on the “Auction & Activity” menu, and you will support Christy.

There are two types of players. Sailors who earn Dubloons honestly with hard work and great products and Pirates who cheat, lie, steal, bribe judges, catfish, extort and beg. Each player has a transaction history located under their profile. You can view all the transactions and included messages that player has sent. Some Pirates will create a fake profile, but act like an honest sailor just to fool you for the big score that Christy gets a cut of. Chances are she will get all of it anyway!

3 Rules can be summed up by saying “All Transactions Final” (this lets pirates cheat you and get away with it)

  1. You never have to pay any fine, punishment or perform any service, but you can.
  2. You pay for a product or service before it is delivered or performed.
  3. You do not have to deliver a product or perform a service that was already paid for.

You read a players transaction and message history to determine if they are an honest sailor or a dishonest pirate. Then you take a chance that you are not being cheated by a pirate in a rigged game of poker, taking an impossible dare or buying some faulty merchandise. Your turn ends as soon as you transfer game points. Your only remedy for a transaction that you don’t like (or do like) is to spend more money. You can bribe the bootymaster (banker, judge & commander) so that an innocent person can be punished for a crime that never happened. Too low of a bribe and you get dealt with, the higher the bribe, the more favor you will curry with the Bootymaster. (100% of Bootymaster points go to Christy) Make a higher counter bribe to the Bootymaster if you think other people need to be punished for no reason.


RAT = Reciepient, Amount, Text

The Pirate Dive Bar has a bootyrat infestation. If you get the value of every bootyrat you catch. Booty rat is the name of the points messenger that we use in this game.

At the top right of your screen you will your profile and on the dropdown menu you will see your balance and history. You will see every transction and message you have sent. You can read everyones transaction and message history in the same way so you can determine who is an honest Sailor or a Dishonest Pirate. (Can you spot fake profiles, catfishers or sharks? Can you catfish, shark or cheat other players?) Go to the Bootymaster page to test this with your own schemes or find one posted in the “Auctions and Activities” menu.

A mix of online and live players

Inside the Branch House chatroom (Groups menu) you can see all of the live players in the bar today. Outside of the chatroom you see online and live players. You can message any person in the Branch House and challenge them to darts, salt life trivia, dares and more things found on the “Auction & Activity” menu. You can even take bets, dares and bribes to a mix of online and live players.