Hero 2 parts you 1 part

To stay in the competition for season 4, a Hero Bonus must be paid up by the last episode of season 3. For every expense that the team has, the Hero receives a 50% bonus for that expense in addition to the 2:1 split.

The Agent of the Hero approves any financial design that the Captain (of the team) creates. “You” means the total of booty that any investor, shareholder, team member, contractor or other all others earn. How you divide “You” is up to you. Create any scheme you want as long as the 2:1 ratio is maintained. Your production costs are up to you, but the competition fee, (studio rental, web site listing as a team, the sailboat use for a week, Captain, Crew, food and flight for the Hero) is $25,000.

What you do with your production to sell shares, commercials, products, adventure, TV appearances and how you use the Pirate Dive Bar (sailboat, studio and web site) is up to you.

Broadcast revenue earned by DOLPHIN RODEO INC. is split 50 / 50 with all teams. Each team gets an equal share. Broadcast revenue per episode could be very significant or it could be zero. Just like any streaming TV series, nobody knows.

On each episode, revenue earned with interactive commercials is split 50 / 50 between the team producing the episode and all teams.


Create Pirate Booty To Fund Your Adventure!

When people visit the Bootymaster to donate, they can target their donation for your team. This reduces your $25,000 competition fee and can pay for your production. If you have 8 people on your team you can split the cost to about $3,000 each and let every person get loony with challenges. Figure out how to qualify your team before you pay the competition fee so you can start reducing production costs by creating Pirate Booty below.

Booty Products

Booty Products

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