Boat Parade Information

Display “Your Number” so people online, watching from shore or in other boats can vote for the dancing, antics or food of your boat or parade float.

Go to “Create” to register for the boat parade. Then on the event day Press Check In/Out when you arrive, check some green boxes, upload photos, press Check In/Out when you finish. That is all you need to know about the parade. This gives an airtight accurate count of boats, with pictures, information and evidence without reliance on “Guiness World Records” as the authority. As of March, 2022 Guiness has still not acknowledged any new world record holders for boat parades although many have occurred.

Or if you really want to have some fun – read this

The Peace Officers Day boat parade is a real parade lasting for 2 miles. It starts within view of the giant floating flag at Mary Alice Park, and ends where Bald Ridge Creek joins Lake Lanier. It has decorated boats, games and activities traveling at a walking speed of 3-4 mph. It is not a poker run where boats wildly travel from check point to check point in a random order.

The parade is designed for spontaneous participation of unregistered boats alongside the boats that have registered. Everyone is welcome, with or without registering! Just be more polite about traffic than if you are driving down 400 to Atlanta.

The parade route can handle 800 boats per hour and registration helps to manage the flow. There could be thousands of boats involved and a parade lasting for hours. You can view the number of registrations for each 15 minutes and choose the best start time for you. If you are early or late for your start time, there is no problem just proceed as planned.

In our section called “High Seas” you can create or discover livestream links to this event. People at home can share in this adventure by selecting then viewing a variety of livestream links from different boats in the parade. This site has a variety of communication and activity tools that allow you to plan decorations, floats, skits, and play games with boaters and people online watching your boating fun online. You can use our tools on any day you want to plan a raft ups, fishing contests, games or fun with boaters on not just Lake Lanier, but anywhere in the world.

We have two types of boat registration forms. “Boat Parade – Place in line (Registration)” and “Boat Parade Contests“. These are both found in the “Create” menu.

More Details

There are floats with planned activities and floats that just travel together. Planned activities include using this site to plan decorations, costumes, or contests where boats take turns having everyboday dancing, singing or performing the Karaoke Challenge Game together. There may be shared activity such as flying kites off the stern, water gun fights, crowd flags and the livestreaming of activities that challenge the other floats, boats and people online watching the parade.

In an ideal world, the “floats” travel 3 or 4 mph, boats in the float are 10 feet apart from each other and the lead boat follows 50′ behind the float ahead. Floats of different sizes, boats traveling solo and boats crossing the parade who don’t even know that a parade is proceeding are all to be expected. The slow speed of the parade compensates for this. Some of the floats will be prepared and organized days in advance and some will organize spontaneously on the day of the parade. Everyone should expect constantly changing condions as some people will know the procedures and some people won’t. The slow speed and the lead boat with the lookout should allow the parade and all the boats and floats to stop and wait then go when it is safe.

The Lead Boat

Any boat can be the lead boat if they have a dedicated lookout. The lookout should also have a flag in their hand, an air horn or some other method of signaling the group behind. At a minimum three of the water ski hand signals should be used.

  • Thumb up = Speed Up
  • Thumb down = slow down
  • Flat hand out = Stop

If a lookout waves a flag and motions “come here”, that boat is requesting up to 9 boats to form up behind them. They have decided to be the lead boat. The 9 boats then follow the leader into the queue to begin the parade. No registration or instructions are needed as this is intuitive for anybody looking. The boats can talk to each other if they haven’t already recognized by looking at the other boats in the parade that they should be in a 3 x 3 formation.

Add a Cheerleader, a Gamer and a Bootymaster

Besides the captain and lookout, the lead boat may also have a Cheerleader, Gamer and Bootymaster. The Cheerleader and Gamer can also be in different boats and there can be as many Cheerleaders and Gamers as you want. You can rotate the Bootymaster position to any boat so everyone can take a turn or just have one dictator called the Bootymaster. The Cheerleader organizes cheers, games, songs, dances and challenges for their boat, their 10 boat float or for all the boats in the parade. A “Gamer” uses their phone to livestream the Cheerleader to communicate with the other boats. Synchronized cheers, songs, dances and other activities can then occur with all the boats. The Gamers also create interaction with people online watching the boat parade. This lets people online join in the fun and use (our game points) “loonies” to vote for or challenge the boats and floats.

The Bootymaster is the judge of contests and bribes, commander of who sings or dances, executioner of unfair punishment to the innocent and a banker with no ability to count. The Bootymaster is used for fund raising activities where loonies are exchanged for prizes that you or others create for the cause you want to fund, such as buying mermaid food.

Boat registration and parade activities are found at “Create“. Find a leader or boaters at “Discover“.