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Lets check the function

Just testing

This site looks great! A place just for adults with special needs is a wonderful idea.


Several examples of character comedy needs to be illustrated for the skits. The typical example is when a character’s family is the opposite of what you expect a of a character’s family to be.

Character comedy is only one genre of comedy what about traditional prop comedy slapstick comedy, shock comedy and other examples of comedy that exist.

Those are two very good concepts for comedy genre but what about the most important comedy concept compensated comedy? Our point system can reward comedians if the prizes are worth the effort. And what if comedians valued altruistic rewards much greater than materialistic and definitely more than barter for reward points because what they really want is big booty.

You are showing your booty off without pirates getting loony. Let’s meet in the catfishing section so they don’t discover our mutiny.

Outgunned and outnumbered Patriot pirates use the cunning ploys of false flag and mutiny to occasionally defeat the British. This lesson in Independence needs to be moved to the catfishing section.

You are all innocent of free speech. If all invested in your time to post on this website. For this the innocent must be punished. You will be judged innocent in the catfishing section or any other gang you wish to join.

If your mutiny with false flag and siege attacks against globalism succeeds what will replace it?

Nobody understands this dumb dumb method of comments. The global mega corporations don’t use it. Can you explain why?

Yes piss off and die or I will s*** down your throat you don’t want that remember how much it cost you the last time?

If I may parlay the favor of the booty master. “If you don’t understand the language you are speaking in, you are perfect for our gang.”

Look “Host” your punishment of being innocent is motorboating. Are you looney enough to be innocent or are you guilty? How many loonies prove your innocence?

The bootymaster is a distraction. This joke of fast comedy being released in our brains for fast rapid action is nothing more than the same reason why MTV just went bankrupt. Addicts almost reach mass for the addiction
You really are waiting for a spoon-fed explanation! Why don’t you Join us in the catfishing section to find out why a natural “runners high” for chemical relief in an endorphin reaction is what TikTok and other apps queue on?

You need to have a different page and different options for everything so that pirates can create their mutiny and go about their business.

There is no way that your flowery speech will make any difference at all I’ll give you 10 loonies each time it does!

Gamification to help people in the real world inspired by Matthew, infinite sports inspired by the manager of infinite sports,

Texture inspired by Maverick for the booty master

Ashley at infinite spoke of having a business deck for investment

Add an edit button to the comments in a quick category selection to sort them

Get with Hollywood feed to see whether or not we can work something out with the humane society to hold a contest at Hall & hound for providing 5 years of food to people that are turning your pets into the shelter because of the economy. A method of vetting people turning in pets such as one month of food if they keep your pet or something similar should be explored

Create a form where users get a link to the for-profit section of the website depending on the level of investment

Visit Ashley at infinite sports to see examples of business decks that they’ve considered

Create a buy sell market for people to use a cash app to buy Looney’s

Create Looney banks that have better deals than donated goods to Goodwill and allow the users to buy and sell using cash apps put that on an apprenticeship program and finance the Looney Bank. Have specific goals and levels laid out and show how they’re verified. Sell goods and services for cash is explained how it helps the production. A help others selector switch in the initiation guides people to the information you’re looking for. One of the qualifications for advancement to a higher level of funding is that they supply the links to the success. A choice of tutorial or destination for the high seas.

A man bets half of what he owns that it will work and a woman wants to double what she owns betting that it won’t what is it

Booty patrol t-shirt in Morganton. What other pirate paraphernalia can be sold? Think about the scurvy dogs photo booth? Earrings scarfs etc? Who has the ugliest dog beauty contest?

The 1/3 team percentage has College teams competing for it.