Your 501 (c) 3 donation receipt for FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS (dba Atlanta Volunteers) is emailed to you and found in HIGH SEAS > MY STUFF > RECIEPTS
Bootymaster Simple

"Bootymaster" is the pirate name for our banker.

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This is our donation page and a fun pirate themed way to make our nonprofit 100% transparent. See Ledgers to explore transparency. You are emailed a 501 (c) 3 donation reciept from the Atlanta Volunteers (26-0354205 FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS) for taxes and you can always find a COPY in 'HIGH SEAS" > "MY STUFF' > "RECIEPTS'
7% fixed fund raising expense - Paypal takes 2%. Who gets the other 5%?
If you choose "You", 98% of your dontion gets tranferred into loonies. If you choose "Us" 93% of your donation is transferred into loonies and 95.5% for 50 / 50.
Who targets your donation?
Always a minimum of 75%
Always a max of 7%
Would you like to target this donation within the team you selected?
When you donate to the Atlanta Volunteers you get a donation receipt for your taxes and game tokens called “Loony”.   “Loony” is short for “Dubloon” and these are the pirate themed coins used for rigged gambling, buying votes, bribing judges, grog, grub, gear and feeding mermaids, the rest you can squander.
Squander them here for  Prizes  You are emailed a receipt for taxes and one is stored for you here "High Seas">"My Stuff">"Receipts.
Choose a Red, White or Blue team if you are willing to volunteer at games or events.
Would you like to target specific Programs and Services?
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Only the "Blue" box needs an entry

A "Loony" (short for Dubloon) is 25 cents
Paypal charges 1.99% +$0 .49

Do you want to see detailed statistics?

Detailed Statistics

Always 7%
Always 7%
The figures above are true and accurate as they use real dollars and are updated figures that we report to the IRS.  Anyone can exchange loonies for 5% and that is how we pay you to fund raise and why our fundraising is always a maximum of 7%.
Are You Happy?
Why do you wake the Bootymaster? (she is not woke)
Thanks for being our Chum! You will see the options for the boxes you check
A separate page to Paypal opens up with the "Atlanta Volunteers" logo or name on the page. We do not store any credit card or personal information on this web site. Only Paypal sees your transaction. After Paypal go to "Ledgers" found on the "High Seas" so you can view that your transaction has been recorded. Then look at the top right corner of your screen under your profile to see your Public Ledger, your loony history and this transaction listed there. A donation receipt will be in your email inbox.

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For no good reason at all a bribe is in order. First you must pick an unsuspecting person not involved in your game or challenge. You check their public ledger and you know how many loonies they have. You set a price for your punishment. You can pick the innocent but guilty party, but it will cost you extra to make a fair deal to treat them unfairly. You devise punishment that the bootymaster will deliver unless they pay the fine. The punishment can be good or bad and be anything from a spoon of hot sauce to a great steak dinner. Before knowing what the punishment is the person can accept the punishment and donate their loonies for it, or impose it on someone else for a price the Bootymaster chooses. The punishment is changed several times at the whim of the Bootymaster, announced and then anyone can auction to buy it for themselves or to give to another. Expect the prize to keep changing during negotiations.

Targeted Funds For Programs And Services

How this donation is targeted (T.A.C.=Tropical Adventure Competition G.O. = General Operations)

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A tribute to the Bootymaster

Your vinyl sticker on a pixel or name written in paint (similar to nascar)

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If Statements for Teams

This pirate wench is the bootymaster. A Judge that expects bribes, a Commander on the take, and leader of a viscious school of mermaids (with assorted pronouns) that lure pirates to their doom, but not before stealing their loot.