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The Karaoke Challenge Game

Buy, sell and perform Karaoke Challenges to win cash and prizes!

Pirate themed fun that Makes America Great Again.

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Good ‘ol flag waving fun!
A hilarious way to support your favorite nonprofit. is our home website! The Pirate Dive Bar is for fun!

How To Play

Our game token called a “Loony” is redeemed for prizes.

“Loony” is short for Dubloon. A loony is the game token used at the Pirate Dive Bar. They are worth about 25 cents each, very similar to arcade tokens but also crypto currency. We give you four loonies for registering so that you can try out the Karaoke Challenge Game and get hooked. You can get loony by playing the Karaoke Challenge Game or engaging in pirate play such as gambling on pool, darts, singing or challenges. If you are loony enough you can visit the prize counter. The prize counter contains the usual things that a nonprofit gives away like hats, T-shirst and coffee mugs but our prize counter has some very interesting and surprising prizes such as an all expense paid appearance on the Tropical Adventure Competition TV show. This is seen in the trailer above. The prize counter also contains anything somebody wants to donate to the Atlanta Volunteers. We give you a tax receipt for any type of donation even service hours. If you really are a bad pirate, you can log community service hours at (contact us first!)
You donate to a pirate character called the “Bootymaster”. You get a tax recipt from our 501 (c) 3 called FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS but better known as the Atlanta Volunteers. We email this to you everytime you donate and we keep track of the total. You can find the receipts anytime in the section called “High Seas” > “My Stuff” folder.


The Karaoke Challenge Game lets you create or choose a challenge that you do for loonies. Your performance is so amazing, funny or daring that people will donate to the Atlanta Volunteers to get loony enough to see it.
Besides being the banker, the Bootymaster is also the judge, partymaster and punisher. Pirates often create schemes and false flag plays while cheating at cards, catfishing other players, rigging poker games and pulling pranks. The Bootymaster can settle disputes by having people get loony enough to bet on the outcome of punishment using bribes that are too high or too low.
Believe nothing of what you see or hear at the Pirate Dive Bar as catfishing tournaments go on all the time. They are schemes that use fake profiles, lies and fake pictures and tell you promises of wild encounters. Catfish still bite at the fake bait and the catfisher with the biggest booty wins. Occasionally you may find somebody desperately using honesty to win, but don’t bet on it.
Comedy Laboratory
The Pirate Dive Bar is a comedy laboratory for a TV series called the Tropical Adventure Competition.  The 30 second trailer seen above is from the pilot episode.
Each episode features a Hero with special physical or developmental needs that is turned into a superhero.  The episode is written around what a team does to improve the quality of life of their hero locally and then they provide respite care for the caregivers during “The Tropical Adventure Competition.”  In the example above Cameron had aquatic therapy since before he was 1 year of age.  He likes the water and scouting and showed off 1 armed pushups from being in Tae Kwon Do for physical therapy for over 10 years. He has obtained a black/red belt.
The TV series will have some comedy and entertainment shorts placed in each episode.  The Pirate Dive Bar is where you create those comedy shorts.
When somebody donates they can select a person for a 5% fund raising commission. Everybody that plays can earn cash, prizes and a commission on donations! You can also target donations to other nonprofits that have registered. This gives nonprofits a reason to use this website as a fundraiser for themselves.  Any group, club, school or restaurant that hosts the Karaoke challenge game as a fund raiser for themselves gets 15% of donations for the Atlanta Volunteers. When played at a restaurant the waitstaff and security get the 15%.
If the donor does not choose to select a fund raiser for a commission then 98% goes to the Atlanta Volunteers and 2% goes to Paypal.  No other fees are taken out.  The Atlanta Volunteers is 100%, volunteer, we have no paid staff!
When you create content in the character map, your name and date is posted on it to give you credit if it is used or copied.
Creating a ficticious pirate character is the core of this game. You use the character menu to browse, borrow or create situations.  Items from the character menu are bait for your profile and provide a lot of fun for the Karaoke Challenge Game. Throw in lies, strategy, false flag plays and deception as needed to win catfishing tournaments.  If a catfish “bites”, they click on your name and go to your battle page.   There they can send a loony message, negotiate, use the silent auction or create crowd sourced multi-media productions.  Sometimes the catfisher will win and sometimes the catfish will.
Catfishing Tournaments
You create any reason to use loonies.  Earn, pay, buy, cheat, lie, dare or poker are all reasons to use loonies at the Pirate Dive Bar.  You can gamble, bribe judges, buy or sell punishment and put your friends into slavery with our game token, but don’t try it with real money! Imagine your pride boasting about being the best catfisher and slave owner at the Pirate Dive Bar!  You can try to be honest, but that won’t work here.
We redeem loonies for 5% of their value to anyone. If you are with a volunteer from a recognized group such as the Optimist Club, Rotary, Scouts, or a server at a restaurant you get 15% when you redeem loonies.
You play to win money and prizes for yourself, for your favorite server, the Atlanta Volunteers, your favorite nonprofit or whatever your cause is.
The biggest booty wins!  Once you transfer loonies to another player that turn is over. You pay first for everything and expect nothing in return.  In the odd chance that the person was honest and you got what you paid for, it was probably to get your trust so they can catfish you into a bigger deal next time.  After getting your next big deposit they will probably just walk away.  There is no obligation to be truthful or follow through with any deal. You are dealing with pirates at a place called “The Pirate Dive Bar”.
Public Register
You can use the public register (“High Seas” > “Ledger”) to figure out how to catfish somebody or if they are a regular or professional catfisher.  You will see everybodys booty, all the messages, transactions and results in the public register.
You can use a third person called a “Bootymaster” to handle a transaction or settle a dispute. Any person can bribe the Bootymaster for no reason at all.   You can be punished for too high or too low of a bribe, probably too low, but try too high of a bribe just to be sure.  If the Bootymaster believes an innocent person should be punished as the result of a fair or unfair transaction, an innocent person is chosen and anyone can bet on the outcome of the punishment.  The punishment may have been pre-arranged with somebody who’s favorite words are “Thank You Sir, May I Have Another”.
An innocent person is chosen by the Bootymaster as she doesn’t know if they are punishing an innocent or guilty person, so she uses an innocent person just to be sure.
Crowd Sourced Video Production
Once you have played out your schemes a few times, you should use the media production section to have people record it with their cell phones and post it for editing, special effects, voice over and more.  Eventually you may have enough material to create a comedy short or one episode of the Tropical Adventure Competition.
Once you get used to the website you will discover that there is software here to create crowd sourced video production for the 30 episodes each year of the Tropical Adventure Competition. 30 production teams every year are a lot of people, and just like pirates, anyone on the team gets an equal share.
The pirate character called “Gamer” is somebody that understands the Karaoke Challenge Game. The gamer knows it well enough so that they are the only one with their phone in their hands. You can put yours down and play. Try to form a pirate gang with a mix of characters and skills.
View the profiles that other players have put up to form a pirate gang.
The best comedy comes from great schemes from excellent catfishers who rehearse while meeting for Karaoke or who plan online using our section called “parley”.
Other pirate destinations are found on the High Seas.

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