Advanced Gameplay

End of Tutorial – continue for advanced gameplay

6 Types of Players

Pirates, Landlubbers, Sailors, Catfishers, Catfish and Mermaids. 

Pirates steal loonies, Landlubbers sometimes steal and sometimes earn loonies, Sailors honestly earn loonies, Catfishers are judged on the total weight of their catch, Catfish are judged by how loony they are, Mermaids make loony decisions that get themselves into the most debt.

Mutinty Against Crime Strategy


Back Yard Parties

Karaoke Challenge Game

Unnecessary Information for Gamers

Have you ever wanted to throw a beachball at a lousy karaoke singer or dancer and knock them off the plank into the water? Would everyone applaud your beachball punishment as the best hero ever?

What if you miss your shot and they keep singing and dancing?

Welcome to Mutiny Games!

In “Mutiny Against Crime” games you must assume everybody is lying to you and that they are not playing for the team they say they are. Expect every game and bet to be rigged or fixed by a bribed judge called the “Bootymaster”. During the Karaoke Challenge Game, the audience is being assaulted by the criminal singing they hear or the illegal dancing they see. This crime is beachball bait.

People are challenged to sing songs they don’t know or do things like dance like a one legged pirate. People that are playing but do not sing or dance are innocent of Karaoke crimes. The Bootymaster prefers to punish the innocent, the people that are playing but are too afraid to commit singing and dancing crime.

Your teams can be any size. Only one person on your team needs to understand how to play. This person is called the “Gamer” and they will be on shore, in a boat or on the internet watching by zoom. A person called the “Bootymaster” tells you what to do on the water or during any live activities. The Gamer and the Bootymaster can be the same person. You can have multiple Gamers and deputy Bootymasters.

Mutiny Games with the Flag

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There are 13 teams, one for every stripe on the flag. You select a team to “tryout” for. Once you select a stripe (team), wait a week or so for a Gamer to look at your tryout page and “Friend” you. When the Gamer selects you, accept the friend request and you have joined that team. The Gamer will tell you what to do by sending you a message. Come back to this site and check your friend requests and your messages. These are found at the top right of your screen in the pull down menu under your profile. Now, select a stripe to tryout for, and you are done!

Any person, Gamer or Bootymaster can be double agents, snitches, run false flag plays, rig games, bet, bribe and get loonies using any means of deception possible.

Beware of the Bootymaster if you are found to be innocent of karaoke crimes!

Most people now have all the information they need to play! Go to TRYOUT

Big Booty

Trained Gamers understand the 6 leaderboards that show the big booty of Sailors, Landlubbers, Pirates, Catfishers, Catfish and Mermaids. The object of the game is to get your hands on big booty. You don’t need any training to grab big booty so don’t worry about the tutorial found at Gangplank.

Your goal is to convince (catfish) somebody to transfer loonies to you. When they do you will have made your booty bigger, they have lost their booty. There are no refunds or exceptions as everybody knows pirates are going to cheat and tell lies.

As a last resort, out of desperation any player can use honesty to catfish for loonies.

The Flag & Games

These games are described as water games but they can be modified if the flag is made on land or with different surfaces such as cardboard or towels for flag “pixels”.

At least 170 people are needed to form the flag on water, plus safety people and organizers. (Figure on 200)

The flag has 13 teams, one for each stripe. The teams are numbered with number 1 at the bottom and number 13 at the top.

Walk The Plank

One minute, travel across 5 air mattresses, throw balls into a tube.

Each stripe forms a plank of five air mattresses long at least 10′ from any other plank or person. A single rope can be tied in one loop that goes around all air mattresses to hold them together loosely.

From 10′ away any person can throw beach balls to attack or defend any other person while the “innocent” are walking or crawling along the plank. If the air mattresses split apart, the innocent may paddle to them. If they fall off the plank they are out even if they are hanging on. If they make it to the last air mattress they can throw as many beach balls as they can into their tube. They can paddle as close as they want to the anchored tube. Team members can throw beach balls to the innocent to catch, opposing teams can throw beach balls at the innocent to defend.

After one minute a whistle is blown and the balls are counted. The course is reset for the next heat. The gamer scores each person in the team. This results in individual and team scores.

Karaoke Challenge GameGamble on criminal singing and dancing!

The Karaoke Challenge Game needs the assistance of a Gamer to score and a Bootymaster that is bribed to punish the innocent. This can be the same person and you can have as many as you want. You can play at any place you sing Karaoke or just use youtube on your phone. At a Karaoke Bar the DJ does not have to be involved and no changes to the Karaoke rotation or song selection is made. Using the Karaoke Challenge Game page at, challenges and dares are made with the Gamer. These result in people singing a song they don’t want to sing, having to dance a song they don’t want to dance to, being a back-up air band, singing in a group, dancing like a one legged pirate and many other challenges and dares for Loonies. The Bootymaster punishes the innocent and the other players bet on the guilty. The game is best played in secret at a Karaoke Bar so that the Karaoke Crimes that assault the innocent people watching have greater effect for more interesting bets and bribes. This game is designed for boat raft ups and pool parties. The guilty party walks the plank to sing or dance and is judged by the amount of beach balls thrown at them. The Bootymaster signals the beach ball onslaught and is easily bribed to start it.