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Re:   Academy Sports & Forsyth Area Sports Teams – Marketing Partnership

We are producing a 30 episode TV series called “The Tropical Adventure Competition”.  Our giant flags are publicity events designed to be covered by the media and build our audience long before the first show airs.

Please read some background information about us.

Then go to look at our home page and then click on

The Tropical Adventure Competition has 30 teams competing in “Adventure with Purpose”.  Teams compete to have the most fun for a great purpose, the support of their disabled loved ones.

As a nonprofit we get access to government facilities.  For example, Cumming Mayor Troy Brumbalow has given an initial nod to our event and we have once again been given access to Mary Alice Park for our event.  The Forsyth County Sheriffs Department is very interested in supporting us. 

As a partnership you have expertise in marketing and we can bring patriotic branding, access to the general public and great reasons to have fun.  We also bring crowd sourced competition to media production that brings amazing results very efficiently.

We are a sports nonprofit designed similar to the NFL in that we work with an S-Corp that manages business transactions and a nonprofit that plays sports.  The Olympics, PGA and other sports nonprofits all have similar arrangements.

A 30 episode TV series is designed to be profitable.  If you were to be a sponsor of that TV series you could send teams to compete wearing your logo’s and tell of team building stories of how your employees are supporting another employee who has a person with a disability in their family. 

Producing a TV series for your advertising and branding results in making a profit from more effective promotions.

Lets do some spit balling!


Alan Kindree


678 697 6566

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