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This game takes only a few seconds to play once or twice during the breaks or before the meeting of your club, team or organization. This game can add some comedy, teambuilding and entertainment for your group. Small donations for coffee and snacks as well as volunteer hours are won, lost or given as booby prizes.

This game is played with points called Dubloons or “loonies”. You can earn, buy, win, cheat, steal, bribe, bet or extort loonies from other players and exchange them for prizes or volunteer hours while your organization gets cash & volunteers. You can easily support coffee & snacks or other small expenses with this game. A loony usually converts to $0.25 but you can make it any amount.

In the quickest form of play you take a few seconds on your cell phone to transfer 1 or 2 loonies to your organizations banker for a coffee and doughnut. (You may have made that coffee and bought those doughnuts but this encourages others to donate to your organization)

You can add some fun by creating a reason to fine somebody 1 or 2 loonies for being late, forgetting their name tag or for wearing a hat you do not like.

Anytime you make an exchange of loonies they go to the banker of your organization. The banker (your organization) always wins. The banker decides what happens next for bets, bribes, extortions, cheating and all game play. When you place a bet of 2 or 3 loonies if somebody is going to be late, eats 5 strips of bacon or is going to gloat over the goals they scored, the banker decides if you won, lost or fouled on your bet. The banker keeps what you bet then decides how to keep you addicted to gambling by throwing you scraps. The banker might use you as bait to create scenarios to get others to play or just never let you win. You may have won your bet, but somebody else bribed the banker and now you have lost and have been fined or given some “volunteer” duties.

You can earn, buy, trade or exchange volunteer hours with loonies under conditions your banker decides. If you play poker after your meeting you can convert loonies into poker chips for live play and then back into online points at the end of the game. You can use loonies to bet on darts, quiz scores and other games. Your organizations banker can give loonies as a reward for your patronage, duties or for being a great “Yes Man.”

Loonies are converted at a time and manner of the bankers choice. They can stay on the books and never be paid, they can be traded for any prize the banker chooses, they can be paid in cash at live events or worked off with volunteer hours. Loonies can also be converted to cash gift cards and sent out online.

If you are less than 18 years of age you may not enter this site or play this game. This game contains unmoderated chat with users who are encouraged to create fake profiles. To advance in rank players will cuss, lie, cheat, steal, bribe, extort and role play in ways not suitable for people under 18 years of age.


There are 10 levels of play. The first level of play was described above and is as politically correct as you can make it. It is just like in real life, where people will smile and lie while looking decent and polite. This first level is called the “coffee shop” as it is typical of the behavior you would find in a coffee shop. People are acting friendly, polite and decent while telling you little white advertising lies to take your loonies for an over priced coffee or snack.

The next level of play is where you leave the coffee shop on the dock and step onto “Ship 1”. Ship 1 contains salty language (cussing). You might have to put a looney in the “cuss jar” when you cuss, so ship 1 and the nine other ships are not suitable for your workplace, school or most other situations.

Do not leave the coffee shop located on our virtual dock and step onto Pirate Ship #1 if you are a decent, moral person with high standards and ethical behavior. Stay in the coffee shop to avoid salty language and deplorable pirate behavior not suitable for the workplace. (You are encouraged to create a fake profile during any level of play as you don’t want to take the chance of having someone know just how much of a pirate you really are!) To step onto a pirate ship you will have to pass an initiation to prove you are deplorable enough to join the gang.


In the first level of play is at the coffee shop and your organization elects one or more bankers. They can create rules, scenarios and interesting games similar to what you may see at a fair, casino or sporting event to get loonies and volunteer hours.

On a pirate ship the banker is called the bootymaster. To become the bootymaster you have to work your way up through the ranks or bribe, extort or cheat your way to the top level of each ship.

Game play on pirate ships can be combined with Live Action Role Play (LARP) or Cosplay. to create fun at costume parties, Halloween events or to win bets, bribes and dares.

Once you reach the highest rank on ship 9, you can create your own genre, cult or dynasty of LARP or cosplay and be the lord of your fiefdom. You can impose taxes, fines, rent and punishment on your loyal but mutinous subjects and exchange their loonies for cash gift cards or prizes or not.

Each person has a points history in their online profile.  You can view anyone’s history to see how they earned or bought points and who, how or what changed their points. This lets you verify and credit check each player. This gives you a clue as to how you can sucker, cheat, rob, bribe, catfish, shark or extort that player.

The Pirate Version

The pirate version contains increasing levels of debauchery but also real skill and knowledge needed to advance in rank. It is best played between 2 or more boats, sailors, fishermen, rescuers, divers or other watermen connected live or by internet during events and activities. This would include dive trips, fishing, club meetings, sailboat races, rafting boats together and more. Players video chat or message to verify competitions or bet on skill, knowledge, biggest fish, best bow bunny, sailboat races, USCG quizzes, scuba knowledge and other related activities that allow them to advance in rank.

The pirate version can be played anywhere but landlubbers will have a harder time advancing in rank unless they are successful in bribing, catfishing or extorting other players.

If you are a decent, upstanding moral person continue here to the coffee shop.

If you are a pirate used to salty language, take your first step on the Gangplank leaving the dock by entering the word “yes” on the next page.

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