Daring ocean adventure filled with treasure chests, songs, peg legs, eye patches and booty describe the Pirate Dive Bar.

Disabled pirates lead the mutiny with a smile on their face and a song in their heart.

In the Pirate Dive Bar, our disabled loved ones especially from Police, Fire, EMS and Military families are the Heroes of mutiny games.

Mutiny games are featured on a TV series called “The Tropical Adventure Competition”.

A mutiny has two parts, the mutiny and the mutiny game. The first part, the mutiny creates quality of life improvements for our Heroes.

The second part, the mutiny game, creates the comedy and adventure of great respite care that our Heroes deserve.

The mutiny game is played with Sailors, Landlubbers and Pirates scoring on a leaderboard to raise money for the mutiny.

The sailors try to put down the mutiny with honesty and integrity, landlubbers do something distracting and pirates create the mutiny. Pirates use false flag plays, double agents and spies that bribe a judge called the “Bootymaster” to rig games and punish the innocent. Punishment can be bought, sold or auctioned.

Catfishers, Catfish and Mermaids compete in Catfishing tournaments with treasure chests and booty.

Mutiny games benefit the Heroes and not the players.

Good sportsmanship and comradery between players, fans and heroes will help to heal a divided America and put family, friends and country ahead of differences when you “Mutiny Against Crime”.

Crowd sourcing telecommute tools give anyone the ability to be part of this “Adventure With Purpose” docu-series. Each episode has comedy and patriotic bumpers sent in by Americans from all across this nation. This web site helps you create comedy for house parties, outings, games and events that “Mutiny Against Crime”.

You can mutiny against your favorite baseball team, type of pizza, dog VS cat or even a branch office in your business. Sea Shanties, Pirate Jigs, rigged games and the Karaoke Challenge Game is how you win mutinies.

We showcase American exceptionalism and provide solid examples of American values and our giant “Back the Blue” flag event is amazing!

We Do Not Leave People Behind

The clip below is an example of how you can create a “Mutiny”. (quality of life experience) Our Crime fighting Hero Cameron is on an adventure to do good in this world. Do something similar for your “Special Hero”. Let them enjoy playing the role of “Hero” to prove one of our strongest values, “We Do Not Leave People Behind”, especially disabled populations from battle or not.

18 +

Loony is short for Dubloon and these are our game tokens. When you login, we give you four loonies. Play them wisely during the games and you can win cash, prizes and a chance to appear on the TV series, “The Tropical Adventure Competition. Follow the instructions to support our favorite nonprofit FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS, INC. and we will give you 20 more loonies. Each loony is worth 25 cents.

You must look at how we ensure 100% transparency. (we have a lying, cheating, stealing pirate problem that we fixed)

We have leaderboards, so not only can you “Mutiny Against Crime” you can get on the scoreboard while doing it!

Atlantavolunteers.org is our main web site, this is our event web site.